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Grenseveien 107 0663 Oslo
T + 47 23 00 70 20



about-sidebarSonar AS helps you find the right candidate for vacancies within, among other things, finance, administration and construction for your company. We provide candidates for both short-term and permanent positions, for all levels within the company. We can also help you find candidates within fields of expertise where it’s otherwise difficult to find qualified staff in Norway.

When you hire personnel from Sonar AS, training and daily guidance of the employee is up to you, whereas we take care of the rest:

  • employer- and employee responsibility
  • salary
  • holiday pay
  • national insurance contributions
  • sick pay
  • insurances
  • industry-specific documentation requirements
  • courses and professional development
  • mandatory occupational person
Why use Sonar AS

We ensure the highest possible quality throughout the hiring process, through thorough background checks and document control of the candidates. Finding the right candidate for a vacancy is as much about personal qualities as finding a resume that matches the qualifications you are looking for. We emphasise that the candidates from us will fit into the company’s working environment, so we always conduct a full job analysis focusing on your needs and competence requirements before starting the recruitment process.

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