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Logoen til NHO Service.

NHO Service

NHO Service is the largest industry organisation for recruitment companies in Norway, with the main purpose of providing security for the individual employee and client, as well as ensuring serious business practices.

In Sonar AS, all our contracts for both clients and temporary workers are prepared by NHO and are supported by law.

Logoen til Revidert Arbeidsgiver.

Revised Employer

Revised Employer is a seal of approval for recruitment companies that was introduced in 2014. The scheme allows companies to document their quality as an employer through external auditing of routines and practices regarding central parts of the obligations according to the Working Environment Act.

Revised Employer documents the recruitment company’s professionalism as an employer through auditing of the following areas: Employment contracts, assessment of the risk factors at the client’s company, clarified responsibility for HSE, working hours, payroll, overtime payment, payroll obligation upon termination of assignments, sickness benefits, follow-up of employees on long-term sick leave and employment protection. The audit takes place every other year.