Økonomi og regnskap

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Grenseveien 107 0663 Oslo
T + 47 23 00 70 20


Finance and Accounting

about-sidebarGetting qualified personnel in finance and accounting can be a time-consuming process – if you do it yourself. With ever-increasing demands to be up to date on accounting rules and regulations, it’s difficult to find the best candidates. Sonar AS will find them for you.

Are you looking for skilled and motivated people who know accounting? Do you need more permanent employees, or do you need one or more temporary employees during times of increased work load like during tax season, and for annual accounts and reports? Then look no further – you’ll find what you’re looking for with our help.

Whatever you’re after, trust this: If you start the process today, you’ll have the right people in place when the need is there. That means you’ll always stay on top of things. Besides, you’ll save money on advertising as well as the potential high cost connected to hiring the wrong person because the process went too fast.